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Get certified in the CONOCER EC0277

This certification process, which includes the alignment workshop, evaluation and certificate (if you pass) in the CONOCER standard of competency, REAL ESTATE CONSULTANCY SERVICES IN TOURIST ZONES, is recognized by state and federal authorities for licensing purposes in some states, such as Baja California Sur, Queretaro and Quintana Roo. The states might have additional hours of continuing education needed in order to fulfill the licensing needs. 
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    What We Offer

    What does this certification process include?

    Alignment Workshop

    The course is via ZOOM and will explain the entire certific ation process in an easy to understand manner. 

    The standard document and diagnostic evaluation is FREE.


    Your abilities as a real estate profesional in tourist zones will be evaluated in three manners:

    2. EXAM


    If you pass the evaluation process, you will be awarded a certificate by CONOCER and the Secretary of Public Education. This certificate is accepted by state governments for the real estate state license in some states, like Baja California Sur, Quintana Roo and Queretaro. 

    Javier Loza

    In the last 10 years, Javier Loza has evaluated over 500 real estate profesional in Mexico. He has ample experience in real estate and in the CONOCER evaluation process.

    Javier knows how to convey his message and is one of the most recognized instructors in the real estate industry. He has a daring, entertaining and dynamic style. With a great sense of humor and the latest in course delivery strategies, Javier ensures that participants have an informative and educational learning experience.
    Patrick Jones - Course author