Do not risk your real estate company, avoid being sanctioned by PROFECO

All persons involved in residential real estate transactions in Mexico need to understand and comply with the NORM 247. This class will help you understand the Real Estate Norm 247, in order to interpret it correctly and so that you may continue to provide real estate services in compliance with the law.
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    What We Offer

    What does this class include?

    Live class via ZOOM

    The course is via ZOOM and will explain the new NORM 247, which aims to eliminate bad real estate practices in the selling of residential properties in Mexico. 

    Comply with the law and avoid heavy sanctions

    You will learn how to comply with all the requiremnets of the real estate Norm 247.

    It is important to know this law and what you actions you need to take n order to be in compliance. It is having your contracts registered with PROFECO and much more.

    Student Manual and Contracts

    The manual will help you completely understand the real estate Norm 247 and includes and english translation of this law.

    Included in this class is PROFECO approved contracts for your real estate business. 

    Javier Loza

    In the last 15 years, Javier Loza has shared his knowledge with thousands of professionals, in forums, congresses, universities, and through face-to-face and online courses and conferences. Javier knows how to convey his message and is one of the most recognized instructors in the real estate industry. He has a daring, entertaining and dynamic style. With a great sense of humor and the latest in course delivery strategies, Javier ensures that participants have an informative and educational learning experience.
    Patrick Jones - Course author