Introductory Seminar on Selling Real Estate in Mexico


7 PM - 10 PM (CDMX)
6 PM - 9 PM (CABO)

Begin a successful career as a real estate professional in Mexico.

This seminar is for all who are interested in becoming real estate agents in Mexico. It covers the fundamental principles of selling real estate in Mexico and the laws and knowledge necessary to become a professional real estate agent. 

It is an 18-hour seminar, over 6 classes, and covers the basics of selling real estate in Mexico. 
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    What We Offer

    What does this online seminar include?

    Live class via ZOOM

    The course is via ZOOM, and each session is recorded and you can see it as many times for 3 months. There are 6 sessions of 3 hours.

    Unique learning experience

    With true life examples from the real estate sector, you will learn all how to beome a profesional real estate in Mexico. Things are done diferently in Mexico and it is important to know the laws, taxes, contracts and state licensing requirements.

    Student Manual

    The manual will help you follow the course slides precisely, with room to take your own notes.

    Included in this classes are the main contracts used in the real estate industry and approved by the federal government.

    Javier Loza

    In the last 15 years, Javier Loza has shared his knowledge with thousands of professionals, in forums, congresses, universities, and through face-to-face and online courses and conferences. Javier knows how to convey his message and is one of the most recognized instructors in the real estate industry. He has a daring, entertaining and dynamic style. With a great sense of humor and the latest in course delivery strategies, Javier ensures that participants have an informative and educational learning experience.
    Patrick Jones - Course author