Obtain your national and international certifications with us.

It is important that you get licenses in Mexico, one of the requirements accepted by most states to prove you have the needed skills to sell real estate is through the CONOCER certifications. 
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Courses overview

Choose your certification and begin a rewarding career in real estate.

We ensure that all our trainings offer value when and how our students need it, whether with the support and guidance of instructors or independently and remotely.

Certified Evaluators

Our instructors are certified by CONOCER and the Secretary of Public Education to evaluate candidates before the CONOCER system.

They meet real estate license requirements in various states within Mexico.

Stay within the law and do not work without a state license. 

Entire process via ZOOM

We use technology to offer alignment workshops with live instructors through the ZOOM platform.

Recognized Certification

Our certifications are officially valid through authorized national and international institutions.

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